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    Benjamin Coté
    March 28, 2024

    Elegant, professional, friendly and hygienic. Dr. Lee and his professionals create a nice disarming environment in their wait room. From friendly, kind, and helpful staff that help you forget your procedure. Their procedure room is something that looks brand new and with top of the line kit. Then finally you have Dr. Lee who is gentle kinds and caring. He made sure I didn't see the needle or feel a single thing making my procedure a breeze. I am happy to say I've already recommended many people to use this wonderful Dr and his team. Thank you very much for your care.

    Nevia Mirza
    December 23, 2023

    I personally had a really great experience here. I needed my wisdom teeth out as I am heading on a trip at the of the month. They squeezed me in the same week I went for my initial check up. The front staff was so nice and same with the Doctor and nurses. My sedation went super smooth and I felt very comfortable waking up with a comforting smile of the nurses! really appreciate the respect and urgency of my particular situation. I felt very validated. I also found the price very reasonable and the whole procedure was painless.

    Marion McKenzie
    December 18, 2023

    Thank you to Dr. Darichuk for such a great experience. He walked my mom through the entire treatment plan and gave her an option that we didn't even know was possible. His entire team was so welcoming and made the billing process just as easy. We will definitely be back!

    March 12, 2024

    Went here last year. Didn't get a good vibe from Dr Lee. I spent a lot of money to go just for a consult. Felt he wasn't sincere & could care less about me or what was going on with my teeth. Wouldn't go back & don't intend on returning. I'll go somewhere else where the surgeon cares about me & treats me like a human.

    Katie G.
    November 20, 2023

    I was treated last year by this clinic in April of 2021 and received excellent service. Now in November of 2022 I wanted to receive treatment again. Initially I had inquired to see about having my file transferred to another clinic whose injection fee was lower however after further review the other clinic was not comfortable with administering the amount of units of Botox used in my last treatment. So I followed up Faceforward to proceed with treatment from them. They were helpful and booked my appointment and sent my prescription over to my pharmacist. Since it had been over a year since I was last treated by Faceforward my insurance company requested a letter stating that my TMJ is a permanent condition and not curable by one Botox treatment. Because of this we pushed back my appointment to the 30th and the doctor was kind enough to agree to come in early to provide treatment. The receptionist let me know that my doctor would write the letter requested by my insurance company when he was back in on Thursday. On Thursday I then followed up as I had not received a letter from them as promised. The receptionist advised the letter would not be provided. I inquired why this was however she stated she did not know and I had to wait till Monday. This seemed absurd to me as I cannot understand why this was an issue. I was transferred to a nurse who then said she would email me the letter right away. I did voice my concerns as to why this request seemed to be the issue and it was expressed that there was concerns that I was going to go to another clinic for treatment. I had an appointment booked with Faceforward and even offered to make payment for the injection fee over the phone in good faith and was told that was not necessary. So I thanked her for agreeing to send the letter to my insurance company so I could proceed with treatment same as before. Later I received the letter; upon review I realized they hadn’t provided what was requested at all. Instead they refused to confirm my Tmj and stated: “ We have obligations under our standards of practice that we may only delegate these treatments if the providers are following our profession's standards of practice. Without an ability to verify this, or knowledge of the wording of your benefits, we are in a position where we are unable to render the restricted activity of prescription of a class 1 or 2 drug within the context of "Dentistry".” At no point had they requested any correspondence from Medavie the exact same insurance provider that provided coverage for my last treatment from Faceforward. I was shocked; none of this made sense -Botox prescription had already been sent by Faceforward to my pharmacy and appointment already booked with Dr Wakeham currently. Yet I felt I was was being treated poorly by asking for this letter from Dr Wakeham stating that my TMJ would be requiring ongoing treatment from him at this clinic same as before. I happily would have had my rep with Medavie correspond directly with Faceforward if at any point had been requested. The letter written by Faceforward brought great confusion and frustration to me as it seemed as somehow requesting this letter I was still planning to receive treatment elsewhere. I called was put on hold then Dr DARICHUK came on the line and stated that this clinic is refusing my treatment for TMJ for saying to his wife that they provide sketchy services which at no point in time was that phrase ever used. I was not able to get a word in edge wise and he stated he would contact the police if I ever call the clinic again for treatment. I am so in shock that this is the outcome of making a appointment for treatment and following my insurance providers request for a letter from Faceforward to approve ongoing treatment exclusively from Dr Wakeham. I think conclusions were made without communicating with me or my insurance company directly and now as a final result refusing to treat me despite my booking appointment with them and offering to pay them upfront prior to even receiving treatment.

    Face Forward Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery – Dr. Lee Darichuk

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