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    May Mah
    March 14, 2024

    I completed my dental implant successfully a week ago. In the beginning I had a lot of fear and trepidations, but Dr Liszka reassured me. I was put at ease by his gentle demeanour and quiet confidence. He was very skillful, and did an excellent job. The whole process went through smoothly, pain was minimal, detailed aftercare instructions were provided, and the outcome was great. The implant felt natural, and I was able to eat normally. A big thank you to Dr Liszka and his team! From the receptionist to his assistants, they were all very professional, efficient and friendly. Shelby was very helpful in assisting with my dental claim and payment. Overall my experience there was positive, and I am so glad I chose implant over bridgeworks.

    Zahid Mahimwalla
    February 02, 2024

    Dr Mackenzie is amazing, she's fixed a root canal of mine that went bad from my first dentist and iv had no issues since. Genuinely can't recommend them enough. It's expert care as far as endodontics go.

    Phil W
    December 29, 2023

    It's been a few years since I was referred here for an appointment by my usual dentist. Even after all this time I still remember the awful experience from Endo Perio. This is how my experience went... During the beginning phase of the Covid lockdowns, I unfortunately got a cracked tooth which became infected and was causing incredible pain. Endo Perio was one of the few offices that remained open by appointment only at the time, so my dentist referred me. After explaining that I needed to come in for either a root canal or extraction, the front reception scheduled me in. Only after I had come in, gotten a scan done and sat in the chair did Dr. Mackenzie tell me she had no time for me that day and I'd have to wait until the following week for help from her. It was unbelievable they would do this at any time, let alone the time of Covid protocols. I did voice my concern about this and I was told either wait for a root canal, or if I wanted to get the extraction done I could do that same day with Dr. Liszka. I opted to do that to get rid of the pain. Dr. Liszka was great at performing the extraction No complaint about the actual work done. The costs were very high, but what else could I do? The worst part... BOTH of the doctors said they'd be charging me a consultation fee. Something about how they both run their own separate businesses. Again, this was AFTER the reception gave me a time to come in for a root canal, started services and then told me they don't have time to do it. Bottom line is they left me feeling like they only care about your money. Everything is rushed, no compassion or empathy for one's situation. Underhanded business practices entrapping you into having to pay extra for their unclear communication. Based on the other low reviews I read today it sounds like my poor experience was not a one-off experience due to the world adjusting to Covid protocols.

    Diane Sansalone
    October 19, 2023

    I had my implant gum surgery appointment for yesterday, November 18 at 10 AM. I counted for confirmations of that particular And all the warnings with each confirmation about how much I would be charged if I was late or cancel that appointment within a certain period of time. I opted for anesthetic to do this serious work not once was I told that I should come an hour and a half early even though the front desk girl told me that she would’ve sent me an email or discuss it with me as per her habit. This was definitely not done because I made the appointment and put it on my calendar at the time of booking it in nor did I find anything on any emails saying that I need to come at 8:30 for my 10 o’clock appointment. On the morning of the appointment I saw a confirmation show up at 9:10 AM which was unbeknownst to me my husband received a call about 9 AM saying that I was late! He works nights, so he didn’t appreciate that call especially because I wasn’t late. I understand people make mistakes, but I think it’s very important to own up to them when you do and not accuse the client of sellability negligence. I also didn’t receive any information on what to eat and what not to eat and went to eat it and went to drink and we’re not to drink anything as preparation. No call was made to me. Do you notify me of anything except that I dare not be late before I’ll be charged up to $250. Very disappointed so obviously I couldn’t be anesthetized because I didn’t come on time, and I endured a great deal of pain with simple freezing for this procedure. Secondarily the front desk also informed me of the 2.5% charge if I used my credit card. I could’ve been prepared for that as well. Had I known. Of course she insisted on pre-payment before I get into the chair. Thirdly when I was asking for information postoperation, she said she would have a packet prepared for me, which should answer most of my questions and didn’t take the time to go through any of them with me. She just told me to call if I had any questions after I read the notes, I was so traumatized after that surgery that I couldn’t even read the notes so when I got home I opened the package only to find four copies of the same page as my instructions. I have no idea with the rest of the instructions were!! And the periodontist aide was lovely and I could tell that she was new and being trained, which is also fine. I’m hoping the Peridontist was competent as well as far as work goes. I really didn’t understand what was going to happen with his surgery because my understanding was they were going to take tissue of my own to build up my gums. Interestingly enough when it was all over I found out it was prepackaged substance. I’ve also checked my previous Peridontist information and found that I was already treated for this same prepackaged material to the tune of $4000 as well. I am so confused right now, but I need to get to the bottom of this. I’m curious if the doctor Lizska even knew that I already had this material inserted into my gum area. This is my first review on the company of Dr. Lizska. I hope they read the reviews and take the time to call me.

    Ruth Ramonas
    August 21, 2023

    Dr.Liszka put my implant in a number of years ago. I return every year for a checkup which usually goes pretty quickly. This year I went in and had to wait longer than expected (he is usually on time - and we all understand why dentists can run late while being careful during their procedures) and I was concerned about my car being towed or being ticketed. The staff accommodated my need to run out to update my parking. I noticed that the clinic had more amazing new technology - a wand that sweeps through your mouth and results in a 3-D image of your teeth! Even though he was late getting to me, Dr. Liszka carefully did all steps in the exam and nothing was skipped. A routine check-up gets as much care as a surgical procedure. I didn't say anything to the dentist about the wait, or my concerns about my car - and at the end of the session, I was delighted to find that they had thoughtfully acknowledged my wait. Their customer service went above and beyond what I would expect. All the staff are pleasant and professional.

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